Cool User Page

Drag & drop, easy sharing activities and unlimited web parts, to build your very personalized pages in seconds.

Your Own Store

Internet business means expanded business with less cost. With our service sell and buy have never been easier.

Social Connections

Our tools give you all the options targeting different social connections, such as friends, coleagues, employers and customers.

Personal Search Engine

Have you imagined a search engine for your very own eyes and tailed for your own preference? Here it comes.

Free Domain Email

Setup your very own domain email system and allocate accounts to your connections.

Flexible Photo Galleries

Edit and share your photos are just a few clicks away.

HTML5 Based Video

Share your high resolution videos, add CC tracks and setup security have never been easier.

Business Chat System

Chat with your friends, potential customers and business associates on any page and anywhere.

Search Engine Based Blog

Search engine based blog system, you can set sharing security on any blog entry.

Event Management System

Fully functional event management system, drag and drop. The lunar calendar system is fully developed by YoGet, accurate and precise.

File Management System

Share your files and setup security to certain connections, only available at YoGet.


Based on ancient Chinese Ziwei Astrology system, help you to reach the full potencial.